Man accused of human smuggling at U.S.-Canada border released without bond

A judge has allowed a man accused of human smuggling at Minnesota's border with Canada, in an incident that left a family of four frozen to death, to be released from jail on Monday.

Steve Shand, of Florida, was arrested last Wednesday after border agents spotted his vehicle parked in a remote area between entry points south in North Dakota and Minnesota, south of the border with Canada.

The U.S. Attorney of Minnesota said agents found undocumented Indian nationals, in Shand's van while another family was found walking in freezing cold temps just south of the border, in the direction of where Shand's vehicle was parked.

The wandering family was carrying items, including diapers, that they said belonged to another family with whom they had become separated from while crossing the border into the United States.

Later, agents with the U.S. Border Patrol learned that Canadian officials had found a family of four, who were also from India, frozen to death on the other side of the border. Temperatures on that day were as low as 25 degrees below zero while windchill pushed 40 degrees below zero.

On Monday, Shand appeared in court for a detention hearing. The judge allowed him to be released without bond but under certain circumstances, including turning over a passport and restricting his travel to Minnesota and Florida.