Madeline Kingsbury remembered during Sunday ceremony

On the campus of Winona State University, family, friends, and strangers from across southern Minnesota gathered to mourn Madeline Kingsbury on Sunday. 

"Her life was cut short, in the most wicked way. But it will be remembered as so full," an obituary read. "She’s become a part of the fabric of our community. A true daughter of Southern Minnesota."

For more than two months, hundreds of Minnesotans worked long shifts in the search for Maddi Kingsbury -- a local mother of two who vanished on Mar. 31.

But after the discovery of Kingsbury’s body on June 7 -- and the subsequent arrest of Adam Fravel, the father of Maddi’s two children -- on Sunday, the community gathered to celebrate Kingsbury’s life.

Madeline Kingsburys life was honored on Sunday during a celebration of life ceremony at Winona State University. (FOX 9)

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"Rightfully so, we are angry and hurt," Maddi’s brother Steven said. "I’ve only recently been able to try and grieve and it will take a long time. But that’s okay. It’s important that we don’t let’s these feelings overshadow what a gift she was."

Sunday’s grieving process included reading poetry, praying and singing.

"The path to healing will be long and twisted; the destination seemingly out of reach," Maddi’s sister Megan told the crowd. "Madeline is no longer alone. She’s no longer suffering. Madeline’s spirit will live on in her children, her family, friends and the community here in Winona that she loved so much. We will forever remain loud of Madeline."

Kingsbury leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, "Now, with her being killed, we will all take on the task of loving, shielding and caring for her children," Megan finished.