Lovers born on same day at same MN hospital get married on their birthday

For anyone who thinks a Wednesday wedding is unusual, some things can be explained. But others might be beyond explanation.

Joshua and Elizabeth Colbert got married Wednesday under a beautiful canopy of trees at Pinewood Weddings & Events in Cambridge. They only got together five and a half months ago, but it turns out, their journey began 35 years ago.

"Last spring, they met on a dating app. And they found out all of these interesting things," said Elizabeth Colbert’s father, Alan Goracke, who officiated the ceremony.

They discovered they both attended the same Christian school in Blaine. Elizabeth attended for just one year: kindergarten.

"We confirmed ‘yes,’ we graduated the same year. So I asked him what teacher he had. And he said he had the same exact teacher as I had," Elizabeth Colbert said.

She not only managed to find a class photo but video from their graduation, where her mom happened to zoom in on Joshua. When she looked him up online, the coincidences kept coming.

"I see 9/13/88, and I'm like, ‘oh my goodness. That is so bizarre.’ That is my birthday," she said.

Yes, they were both on the same day in the same year at the same Coon Rapids hospital. After Joshua proposed and they had to pick a wedding date, there was only one real choice.

"We were in the same room the day that we were born and it's just fitting that now, 35 years later, we're getting married on our birthdays. So, I think that's just pretty special," said Joshua Colbert. "You couldn't make it up if you wanted to. I tell people our Hallmark movie comes out this fall."

They've both had separate life experiences with Joshua serving in Iraq and Elizabeth raising her two children, but they believe the stars aligned so they could connect at the right time.

"It was love at first sight. She walked through the door and I'm like, ‘that's her.’ I knew right away," said Joshua Colbert.

They even managed to track down their kindergarten teacher and invite her to the wedding. It's a story of serendipity, second chances and a couple who brings a new meaning to the words "Day One."

"Now, we're able to be with each other until our last day," Elizabeth Colbert said.