Local therapy dog Spencer returns to Boston Marathon sporting yellow raincoat

If you had your eyes on this year’s Boston Marathon, it was difficult to miss the local celebrity who stole the hearts of millions by being a very good boy. 

Local therapy dog Spencer was seen cheering on the racers from the sidelines wearing a yellow raincoat at the Boston Marathon trail this year with his owner, Rich Powers, giving the runners something to look forward to. 

Powers posted a video of the pup to his Facebook page, saying, “Another year motivating some awesome athletes and it looks like we can lose the raincoat soon!”

In 2018, a video of Spencer in his owner’s raincoat holding two flags in his mouth with the words “Boston Strong” written on them went viral, garnering millions of views. 

“We were there to motivate and judging by the faces we saw running, it was a success,” Powers told Inside Edition in an interview last year. 

Spencer has been a regular at the marathon for the past three years. He and his sister Penny were both supposed to attend the race, but because of weather conditions, Spencer attended the race without his sister. 

Spencer and Penny are both therapy dogs and spend their time visiting local schools and hospitals, according to Powers’ Facebook.