Local moms band together to search for Barway Collins

Thirteen days after Barway Collins disappeared, a group of four moms who didn't know each other two weeks ago gathered together in hopes of bringing the 10-year-old home.

Heartbroken but full of hope, these moms say they're on Team Barway. They met on a Facebook page and decided to do more than worry. They're stepping up to organize and lead searches for Barway simply because they can't stand not to.

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"It's keeping me awake at night," says one of the moms, Krystal Murphy-Johnson of Minneapolis.

"I'm losing sleep over it as well," adds Brooklyn Park's Penny Castano. "I'm not sure why this is hitting me so hard but it really is."

Barway's father, Pierre Collins, has been named a suspect -- a fact Shannon Holman of Plymouth finds particularly disturbing.

"I would think he'd be out there [searching] personally," she says. "I know if something like that were to happen to me I certainly wouldn't rest until I found my child."

But these ladies are clear what they're doing is simply about a boy -- one they don't know, but are desperate to find.