Lawsuit: Minneapolis officers failed to de-escalate situation before deadly shooting

A lawsuit filed against the City of Minneapolis claims officers failed to take steps to de-escalate matters when dealing with a distraught man armed with a knife before a deadly shooting in 2019.

No charges were filed in the shooting, and police released body camera video showing the encounter. In the video, officers are seen approaching the home and knocking on the door. Eventually, they walk around and spot Johnson inside through the window and direct him to come to the door.

Johnson refuses and swears at the officers before closing the window. At that point, the officers walk back out front and Officer Keyes asks Walsh, "What do you want to do?"

The officers agree to call for a sergeant but remain around the home.

Eventually, Johnson does move to the front door and yells at the officers: "Let's do this." As he moves towards the door, police spot a knife in his hands. They draw their weapons as Johnson continues to yell.

Police order him to drop the knife as he continues to move towards officers. Ultimately, police fire shots, killing him.