Klobuchar criticizes GOP tax plan, focuses on infrastructure ahead of Trump's visit to MN

Ahead of President Trump’s Monday visit to a Burnsville trucking company, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar spoke out about Trump’s tax bill.

The Democratic Presidential candidate said Trump should be focused on investing in infrastructure.

She believes his tax plan gives tax breaks to the wealthy, saying that money could be put toward fixing roads and bridges along with making broadband available to all Americans.

“How can he have a plan that’s a mirage?” Klobuchar asked. “How can he say he has a trillion-dollar plan when he’s only willing to put $200 billion on the table? What are we putting on the table? Well, we’re putting on the table some of the regressive parts of that Republican past tax bill.”

Along with Klobuchar were Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and State Auditor Julie Blaha.

Sen. Klobuchar is among more than a dozen Democrats vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination.