Justice for Khaleel Rally calls for investigation of Crystal shooting

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Khaleel Thompson, 18, was injured in an officer-involved shooting at a park in Crystal, Minnesota on Wednesday. 

On Wednesday, the Justice for Khaleel rally in Crystal, Minnesota, called for an independent investigation of the shooting of Khaleel Thompson.

The shooting occurred shortly before 9 a.m. last Wednesday when officers were called to Bassett Creek Park on a report of a man with a gun on the disc golf course at the park. Upon arrival, officers confronted 18-year-old Khaleel Thompson and told him to drop his weapon.

According to the BCA, Thompson pointed the airsoft gun at the officers. One of the officers fired non-lethal rounds before the other three opened fire, striking Thompson. 

During the rally, activists also called for police to have a better action plan when encountering those with mental illness – as many insist this shooting was completely preventable.

About 100 people rallied from 42nd Avenue North to Winnetka Avenue in Crystal to call for justice for Khaleel.

Currently, Khaleel remains in stable condition at North Memorial Hospital. 

“This last week has been a nightmare,” said Naomi Thompson, his mother.

The bullet went through the front of his head and went back to the side, and then he was shot in the kidney, so doctors had to take his kidney out. Now, he’s on a ventilator. He was recently diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia,” Naomi Thompson said.

His mother said Khaleel was recently diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia and that police were familiar with Khaleel and his condition ahead of the episode at the park.

“I'm not going to let this go,” she said. “I’m not going to stop fighting, I’m not going to stop fighting for my son.”

The BCA is currently investigating this case and will pass their findings to the county attorney once it’s complete. Meanwhile, there is a hotline for family of children with mental illness in Hennepin County called Cope.