Jordan offers a small-town feel, a big candy store and baseball

Only about 30 miles outside of Minneapolis, Jordan, Minnesota is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One trip to Mini Met Stadium or Pekarna Meat Market and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

“Jordan has grown, Belle Plaine has grown, but they really haven’t lost their character,” said Robert Wagner, owner of Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.

On your way into town, you can’t miss a stop at the Minnesota’s largest candy store. A big yellow barn situated right along 169, it’s easily considered the biggest attraction in all of Jordan. The store boasts more than 3,000 types of candy and the world’s largest selection of soda.

Downtown, you’ll meet the Pekarna family and their famous selection of meats. For 125 years, patrons have been coming to the Pekarna Meat Market for a taste of their original sausage recipes.

“Its an age old family recipe as far as the sausages go,” said owner John Pekarna. “It’s fourth generation, and we’ve got fifth generation back there in the wings ready to go.”

Just down the street from Pekarna’s you’ll find Mini Met Stadium. Amateur, high school and legion baseball teams having been playing there for decades.

“That’s the nicest diamond in Minnesota,” said Lyle Lambrecht. “Minnesota has the best amateur ball in the states—in the whole country.”

Lambrecht grew up and played baseball in Jordan but these days he makes bats for the players. Lambrecht Bats is headquarted in the 72-year-old’s garage in New Prague, where he’s made bats for Harmon Killebrew and Joe Mauer.

“In about the year 2000, aluminum bats were outlawed in amateur baseball and I thought, I can make bats,” Lambrecht recalls.

And as you would expect in any small town, everyone knows each other. Lambrecht’s bats hang in Pekarna’s Meat Market and Wagner’s candy often ends up at the stadium.

“You can go into just about any store and you’ll get a hi how are you,” said Pekarna. “It’s simple here. We treat people right.”