Jesse Ventura announces launch of cannabis line

Former Minnesota governor and longtime marijuana advocate Jesse Ventura announced the launch of his new cannabis brand on Wednesday.

For his weed venture, Ventura will partner with Minnesota company Retro Bakery. The product line will be known as "Jesse Ventura Farms."

Ventura was in the room the day Governor Tim Walz signed the bill legalizing marijuana in Minnesota. Currently, it's legal to grow and possess certain amounts of cannabis under state law. However, the state is still going through the process of licensing businesses to sell cannabis.

For that reason, Retro Bakery currently appears to only offer hemp-derived THC products – which are legal to sell under state law.

Last year, after the cannabis bill was signed, Ventura vowed to start a marijuana brand, saying: "I want to be the first major politician in America who puts his likeness, face and everything behind cannabis."

Ventura had previously advocated for the passage of the cannabis bill, giving emotional testimony back in 2023 to lawmakers, saying marijuana saved his life.

Ventura also plans to hold a meet-and-greet event to kick off the brand launch. A post to his blog says the date and time for that is yet to be determined. Retro Bakery lists a 4/20 launch party for Ventura Farms at Zen Arcade, a dispensary at the Hook and Ladder music venue off Minnehaha Avenue. The April 20 event also starts at 4:20 p.m.