Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect to make court appearance via jail video conference

Jake Patterson, the suspect in the Closs murder and kidnapping case, will make his first appearance in court Monday afternoon at the Barron County Circuit Court.

According to Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald, Patterson will likely appear via video feed as he hears his charges read to him. However, Patterson’s defense attorneys, Charlie Glynn and Richard Jones, said Sunday they would request he appear in person.

Fitzgerald announced Patterson’s upcoming court hearing Friday at a news conference, where he is expected to be charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping.

The Sheriff said Patterson wasn’t even on their radar.

“Jake Patterson had zero criminal history locally or state of Wisconsin,” Fitzgerald said Friday morning.

That’s all changed now that the 21-year-old is facing very serious charges. He was arrested Thursday and is being held at the Barron County Jail.

“I can tell you Mr. Patterson’s feelings are consistent with what you would believe for someone who was involved of these allegations,” said Glynn Sunday night after meeting with Patterson.

Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright is the lead prosecutor on the case.

“It is our job in prosecuting the case to obtain justice for James, Denise and Jayme Closs,” Wright said Sunday.

Legal experts FOX 9 spoke to say the judge will most likely set conditions on bail and conduct a probable cause hearing. Patterson also has the right to have his criminal complaint read out loud.

The hearing is not expected to last more than 30 minutes, but will be closely watched for answers.

Patterson’s attorneys also said they expect impartiality despite the emotions of the case.

“There’s been a lot of emotion. It’s been an emotional time for this community and a difficult time for this community. We don’t take that lightly. But we have a job to do in protecting our client,” said Jones.

FOX 9 will be covering Monday’s court appearances closely. Be sure to check back in to FOX9.com for more information as it becomes available.