'I've had enough': Minnesotans flock to warmer climates

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The Minnesota landscape has been looking like this for a while now, and the non-stop pummeling of extreme cold, ice and snow has people dreaming of some warmer places.

At Minneapolis St. Paul-Airport, you don't have to travel far to find Minnesotans trying to escape the state.

"We are heading to Fort Myers to get some sun and get out of the cold," said Kelly O’Brien.

O’Brien and her family have gone to Florida every Valentine’s Day for the last three years, but now the timing couldn't be better to cure a case of snow fatigue.

"Half our family is sick or at least has a little cold, and we are very excited to get away," she said.

Meanwhile, for the last week at Minnetonka Travel, Lenore Miller has seen a surge in customers wanting to trade our recent round of winter for some fun in the sun.

"It’s, ‘I've had enough, I want to be out of town, something to look forward to,’” she said.

Miller said Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean have been the hottest spots to thaw out from the subzero temperatures and repeated snowfalls. She said hotels in destinations like Florida and cruises tend to already be booked up.

“People want to leave this weekend, we have people booking for next week, but we also have people planning for March and April," she said.

Miller said due to demand over spring break, airfare is going to be sky-high until early April, but there are still plenty of places to recharge your batteries to survive the rest of the season.

"We love this weather because it is inspirational for people to travel, so it is good for business. It’s not bad for everyone."

Miller said all-inclusives are pretty popular especially with families because you can figure out in advance how much you are going to spend. She also said if a week is too expensive, try going for three or four days instead; even a short change of scenery can be good for your state of mind.