INVESTIGATORS: Maidens of River Road

Two women are breaking their silence to speak out about what they claim was a cult operating in Minnesota for more than a decade, accusing the leader of years of sexual abuse and asking their parents' permission.

This is not a story about God or religion, but about the corruption of faith. To his followers, Victor Barnard is a spiritual leader, but the Pine County sheriff calls him a pedophile and the ones who had the courage to come forward may have been his youngest.

Watch the video to hear their story.

The Pine County attorney won't comment on why he will not issue a warrant for Barnard's arrest, saying only that the investigation is active; however, the sheriff says that simply isn't true.

A detective in Spokane, Wash., told the Fox 9 Investigators his last lead on Barnard came a few months ago and did not check out. Barnard's exact whereabouts remain unknown.