Investigation confirms murder-suicide in Apple Valley, Minn. family of 3

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David Crowley

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The quiet 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive in Apple Valley couldn't contain the dreams of the couple who lived here -- or the nightmare.

Saturday, police discovered the bodies of David and Komel Crowley and their 5-year-old daughter.

Backstory: Apple Valley couple, 5-year-old daughter dead in apparent murder-suicide

Police are calling it a murder-suicide. They'd apparently been dead for weeks, though the family dog was still alive.

Griffin Overholster, a 13-year-old boy who lived down the street, tells Fox 9, "I kind of think it wasn't him, because when I met him this summer they got along so well."

When they met at a garage sale last summer, David told the boy his passion was filmmaking.

David put together a trailer for a movie called Gray State. The plot imagines a dystopian America ruled by a tyrannical government.

Charles Hubbel was an actor in the trailer and says in recent months Crowley became despondent that the project had lost steam.

"September time... he stopped talking to people," Hubbel says. "He asked me to stay in touch with him so we could support each other, and he just stopped taking my calls... He was in a place where he needed help, and it was too big for him to help himself."

David was also part of a company that taught actors how to handle weapons.

What happened remains less than clear. On social media there are photos showing David smiling with his wife, who worked as a dietician.

The mystery has led to tabloid headlines and conspiracy theories. A Justice for David Crowley Facebook page popped up overnight, with people calling the deaths a government assassination.

Authorities say the their investigation is ongoing.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Today, Hennepin County authorities said the Crowleys and their young daughter all died from gunshot wounds to the head. Komel and her daughter's deaths are listed as homicides, while David's is listed as a suicide.

More information is expected to be released tomorrow.