Interstate 494 noise wall making Plymouth neighborhood noisier

Some neighbors in Plymouth, Minn. say a wall meant to block the noise from Interstate 494 is doing the opposite. People along Vinewood Lane say recent construction has made the freeway noise much worse. They believe the main problem is a new noise wall on the opposite side of the interstate, and a lack of a wall on their side.

"Everybody in the area has noticed a significant increase in the volume of noise since that wall has gone up,” said Jeremy Corson.

We used an iPhone app to measure the sound in one backyard and the meter bounced around 75 decibels. According to MnDOT, that exceeds the threshold for when they need to offer noise abatement.

MnDOT officials say they've met with neighbors over their concerns and are currently exploring options for a resolution.

A new phase in the massive construction project along Interstate 494 is now underway. Southbound 494 dropped to two lanes between Interstate 94 and Interstate 394 in the northwest metro, and that same stretch will be completely shut down the weekend of April 22-24. Later this month, all traffic will be shifted to the southbound side of 494 while crews work on the northbound side. Construction is scheduled to wrap up in November.