Inmate's letter thanks Carver County Jail staff for 'safe environment for personal reflection'

This letter, written by an inmate, praises the Carver County Sheriff's Office for good jail conditions and a positive, helpful staff. (Carver County Sheriff's Office / Facebook)

Positive feedback is a rarity in community corrections, but the staff at the Carver County Jail received a heartfelt letter from an inmate giving just that.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office shared the handwritten letter in a Facebook post Monday. In the post, the Sheriff’s Office said its staff does not usually get “Thank You's” at the jail.

In the letter, the inmate, whose name is redacted, applauded the conditions and staff at the jail.

“I wanted to bring to your attention that the cleanliness and overall maintenance of this facility is exceptional. Also, your bailiffs, program staff and all corrections officers have been nothing short of patient, respectful and encouraging; adding humor on the days when it’s needed most,” the letter read.

The inmate added, “You’ve provided me a safe environment for personal reflection and growth.”

The Sheriff’s Office called the letter, “A great show of appreciation to our Detention Staff in our jail.”

Read the whole letter below.