Indoor village for the homeless opening in North Loop

A new indoor village to support those experiencing homelessness in opening in Minneapolis' North Loop. (FOX 9)

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and other community leaders toured the new indoor village in the North Loop, which will provide housing for those experiencing homelessness.

The village, operated by Avivo, contains 100 units that offer individualized housing. Some residents have already moved in, with more on the way on March 8. The goal is to help 100 adults in need.

"What it provides is the necessary sense of dignity and privacy for someone who's experiencing homelessness to step in, close the door, take a deep breath and center themselves in a way that it allows them to take the next step in life," said Mayor Frey.

"This is something we all dream of as leaders, is always seeing some hope for our people. and I think it's important that we look at this as a positive," said Michael Fairbanks, White Earth Nation Chairman.

Amid the pandemic, tent encampments formed in parks throughout Minneapolis. Frey signed an executive order in October to expedite the opening of the indoor village. More than $2 million in funding brought the indoor village to fruition.