In just weeks, COVID-19 deaths have surpassed flu deaths this season in Minnesota

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In just about seven weeks since the first cases were reported in Minnesota, COVID-19 deaths have surpassed the flu.

In numbers reported by the Minnesota Department of Health as the season winds down, the state reports 148 people died from flu cases. Thursday, COVID-19 deaths hit 200 as the state continues to march towards its peak.

In the past week, the state has only reported one hospitalization from the flu. Currently, 268 people have been hospitalized for COVID-19 with 104 in the ICU. In the past week, there have been no flu outbreaks at long-term care facilities and just one in the past two weeks.

In just seven weeks, COVID-19 has put 712 people in the hospital. Over the course of seven months, Minnesota reported more than 4,100 people hospitalized for the flu.

Mitigation efforts put in place for COVID-19 likely helped contribute to the flu slow down. Flu B cases showing up earlier in the season than normal may have also been a factor.

Nationwide, the CDC reports that flu activity is also currently low.