Important words on 70 years since end of World War II

Aug. 14 marks 70 years since the end of World War II, and 3 Minnesotans who fought during that war shared their stories in a very special radio broadcast Thursday night. Joe Kovar shared the following pieces of history and wisdom:

Fighting the Germans and the weather

“The weather that we had to fight -- no hot food, no warmth -- we were scared, we were being shot at, our machine guns were freezing up on us. We were having all kinds of problems. We ran out of ammunition for our bazooka. I had to go out and kneel in front of a tank one day without any (ammunition). You get so scared that after a while you overcome it, and then you do stupid things.”

Words of advice

“I would like the young people to know that, every day, be thankful for two things especially: hot water and electricity. When we were growing up in the 30s, a lot of us didn’t have that. There were outdoor toilets, pumps for water, and if your mom or dad had 15 cents to buy ice, you had ice in the icebox.