‘I love it!’: 80-year-old gamer receives PS4 as birthday gift from his children

A Colorado man had the most priceless reaction after he received a PlayStation 4 on his 80th birthday.

On July 10, Dick DeZengremel, was celebrating his 80th birthday with friends and family and it was time for the best part of birthdays: opening presents.

DeZengremel is seen with a gift and begins to tear into the wrapping paper in a video recorded by his son, Robert, a couple of days after the celebration.

When the gaming console is revealed, DeZengremel is unable to hide his excitement, “Oh! Oh! I was going to buy one of these,” he is heard saying, to which another party member asks, “Are you a gamer?”

DeZengremel answered with a hearty, “Yes!”

The room bursts into laughter as he continues to tear into his gift.

“Oh, terrific! Oh! I love it,” DeZengremel can be heard saying as he marvels at his new PS4.

“Oh my God, you really surprised me this time,” he said to his son as he sets the PS4 box upright and gives an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the video recording device.

Robert told Storyful that while the kids were deciding what to get their father for his 80th birthday, their mother suggested they get him the gaming console because he had mentioned he would like to have one a few times in the past.

The search for the PS4 began as it was “hard to find”, according to Robert. But luckily for the kids, they were able to find one just in time for their dad’s birthday.

“The PS4 did not disappoint, and the inner kid in this 80-year-old guy exploded with joy!” Robert said.