Human skull found at Meeker County home, tests confirm


Meeker County Sheriff's officials confirmed they found a human skull at a deceased elderly man's home in Forest City Township earlier this year.

On January 5, Meeker County Sheriff's officials responded to a report of an unresponsive man in the 66500 block of 340th Street in Forest City Township. Responders pronounced 77-year-old James Webster dead at the scene, citing natural causes.

At the time, emergency crews noticed a large about of marijuana in the home, which led to a police investigation with a search warrant. 

Police found more than ten pounds of marijuana, about $1,000 in cash, and what appeared to be a human skull.

Further testing revealed the skull was indeed human. Investigators determined it belonged to a man, who was likely in his mid-40s when he died and was of white or Hispanic ancestry.

The year of death has not been determined, but witnesses told police the skull had been at the home for about 20 years. Police also believe a friend gave the skull to Webster.

Anyone with information about the skull or Webster is asked to call the Meeker County Sheriff's Office.