How many Minnesotans are eligible in each COVID-19 vaccine phase?

An updated timeline from the state of Minnesota on when people can expect to get their COVID-19 vaccine. (FOX 9)

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced the latest timeline for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, with the goal all Minnesotans will be able to get a vaccine by the summer.

State leaders say the released timeline is a conservative one as it currently does not account for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is awaiting FDA approval. Walz said the actual rollout will likely be quicker.

As many Minnesotans may now be looking at the list to see where their spot is in the line, FOX 9 reached out the Minnesota Department of Health to see how many people belong to each eligibility category.

MDH released the following estimates:

Currently eligible for vaccine

  • Health care and EMS workers, residents of long-term care and congregate care facilities: 500,000 people
  • Seniors aged 65+, child care workers and K-12 educators: 1.2 million people

Eligible in April

  • People with targeted high-risk health conditions - sickle cell disease, Down syndrome, active cancer treatment, immunocompromised from organ transplant, oxygen-dependent chronic lung and heart conditions (COPD and CHF): 28,000 people
  • Targeted essential workers, such as food processing plant workers: 44,000 people

April - May

  • People aged 18-64 with targeted underlying health conditions: 1 million people
  • Essential frontline workers - agricultural, additional child care workers not previously eligible, correctional settings, first responders, food production, food retail, food service, manufacturing, public transit, U.S. Postal Service workers: 530,000 people
  • People age 50 years and over in multigenerational housing: 180,000 people

May - June

  • People age 16 years and up with any underlying medical condition on the CDC list: 300,000 people
  • Age 50-64, regardless of health condition: 200,000 people

After people in those groups are vaccinated, the following groups will be eligible to get the vaccine:

  • All other essential workers - transportation and logistics, finance, housing/shelter construction, IT/communications, energy, media, legal, public safety, water and wastewater: 350,000 people


  • General population: 300,000 people