Houston, Minn. woman hauling farm supplies to Nebraska after devastating floods

While Nebraska is facing some of the worst flooding in its history, a woman from Houston, Minn. is taking a road trip to help affected farmers in that state.

As a horse hauler, Heidi Olson travels across the country routinely, but on her next trip, she’s making a pit stop to drop off halters, lead ropes and other supplies to farmers in need in Nebraska.

“My passion in life is animals besides, God, my family and my job,” Olson said.

Olson says the widespread flooding in the Cornhusker state has left some livestock there with nothing to eat.

So, she’s asking Minnesota farmers to donate at least one bail of hay so she can get them to ranchers in Nebraska hit hard by the natural disaster.

“Nebraska gives 27, 28 percent of America’s beef,” Olson said. “They feed us. I’m asking us to feed them.”

Earlier this week, the Nebraska National Guard airdropped hay from helicopters to hungry cattle surrounded by water and unreachable on the ground.

Olson says they’ll need all the help they can get until the floods subside.

“It’s heartbreaking. The cows huddling up and running to that round bail. They are starving,” Olson added.

She says her father’s farm has been flooded for the last two springs, so she understands the pain the farmers in Nebraska are going through.

“South Dakota, North Dakota has stepped up,” Olson said. “We need to step up to this too, ‘cause if this happened to us, we’d want them to help too.”

Olson plans to leave Saturday morning. If you’d like to help, contact her through her Facebook page