High-end sports car brigade clocked at 110 mph on I-394

Minnesota State Patrol officials cited a brigade of high-end sports cars for reckless driving on Interstate 394 on Saturday evening.

Around 5:30 p.m., a trooper saw the group, which included two Lamborghinis, a Ferrari and a Maserati, speeding west on I-394 at Louisiana Avenue and clocked one of them at 110 miles per hour. The trooper stopped seven of them after they turned around onto eastbound I-394. Orono police found the other five drivers at a Holiday Gas station in Maple Plain, and the trooper issued all of them citations for misdemeanor reckless driving.

The drivers, all men between their mid-20s and early 50s, will have to appear in court.

The cars cited:

1. 2016 White McLaren 675LT
List price $349,500

2. 2012 White Lamborghini Aventador 
List price $387,000

3. 2009 Green Lamborghini Gallardo
List price $350,000

4. 2005 Red Ferrari 430 Spider convertible
List price $187,000

5. 2008 White Audi R8 4.2 Quarttro
List price $117,000

6. 2015 Black Audi R85
List price $120,000

7. 2009 White Dodge Viper
List price $90,000

8. 2009 Black Maserati Granturismo 
List price $135,000

9. 1991 Acura NSX 
List price $30,000

10. 2010  White Nissan GTR 
List price $110,000

11. 2011 Gray Nissan GT-R
List price $110,000

12. 2015 Black Nissan
List price $120,000