Here's where Minnesotans rank when tested on global landmarks

A vintage globe of the world for sale in an antique shop showing the Indian Ocean and surrounding countries including India, the eastern coast of Africa and countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. (Robert Alexander / Getty Images)

A recent survey shows Americans are unknowledgeable when it comes to global landmarks, and Minnesota ranks among the 25 worst states in the country.

A travel quiz testing people’s ‘worldly wisdom’ on well-known landmarks around the globe shows Americans are not up to date on their geography. Overall, Americans scored an average of 47% when tested on their knowledge of global landmarks, according to a study by Aqua Expeditions, a luxury cruise line company, and distributed by marketing firm Vertical Cherry.

It's important to note that the release from the company does not outline any scientific measures they took for the survey, nor their processes. At the end of the day, this is likely more of a marketing strategy than anything you can take any reliable data from. Take everything with a large grain of salt. However, that said, it's no secret that Americans often come up short when tested on geography.

According to the survey, Minnesotans are among the top 25 least knowledgeable people in the country when it comes to international travel. With an average score of just 45%, Minnesota ranks 28th in the nation, the survey states. 

During the study, when asked which country the island of Bali is located in, only 47% answered correctly with Indonesia. Another 32% said the island is off India, 16% said Italy and 5% said Iran, according to the study. 

When asked which continent the Amazon River flows through, 59% said South America. Meanwhile, 11% answered incorrectly, saying the river flows through Asia, 25% of people said it runs through Africa and 5% thought it was in Europe.

See the list of the top smartest and dumbest states based on the percentage of questions answered correctly, below. 

Top 5 smartest states

1. Rhode Island 89%

2. South Dakota 79% 

3. Vermont 75% 

4. Delaware 69% 

5. Alaska 67% 

Top 5 dumbest states

46. Wyoming 36%

47. Arkansas 35%

48. Mississippi 33%

49. Louisiana 23% 

50. North Dakota 23%

Iowa placed 43rd overall, with 38% of questions answered correctly, while Wisconsin ranked 20th overall, answering 51% of questions correctly.