Help the environment by reserving seedlings for 2017

Have some old farm land that nobody is using to farm?  Have a couple extra acres you don’t know what to do with?  Want to give back to Mother Earth?  Well, here’s your chance.  Millions of seedlings are now available for the 2017 planting season courtesy of the State Forest Nursery.  This includes 22 species of native bareroot trees and shrubs commonly found in Minnesota.

The State Forest Nursery has been growing little seedlings collected across the state now for over 85 years, says Adam James, the assistant nursery supervisor, all in an effort to keep Minnesota’s most abundant resource, other than lakes of course, around for the many generations to come.

Now, this tree sale is not for the typical metro home owner that can go down to their local garden shop and by a tree or two.  This is for bulk purchases for those that want to fill land previously deforested, create wind breaks, improve local ground water and overall water quality, or want to reduce their carbon footprint.  At least 500 seedlings must be ordered at one time, which is enough to cover about an acre of land. 

But hang on metro home owners… think there aren’t that many people that take advantage of this program??  Think again, the nursery sells out of seedlings almost every year.

If you’re interested in helping our planet or may know somebody who is, then give the nursery a call at 800-657-3767, or you can head to the MNDNR’s website.