Hazing allegations lead to 13 student suspensions at Carleton College

13 students have been suspended from Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., after school officials say they engaged in hazing activities.

In a letter to students and staff, the school’s president Steven Poskanzer said the students engaged in “extreme alcohol consumption” as part of initiation into a “secret co-ed social club.”

Poskanzer said the school launched an investigation and found 13 students responsible for serious violations of the college’s student code of conduct. The students were suspended for three terms, or one full school year, and ordered to do alcohol education classes and community service.

In addition, Carleton College officials said Northfield Police were investigating an allegation of sexual assault following the hazing incident. The school declined to provide details in an effort to protect the student’s privacy.

The letter says the hazing took place on and around campus in the early morning hours of April 28. The letter said the event was “meticulously planned.”

Students on campus Sunday said, without knowing all the details, they thought the punishment was too harsh.

“I think there’s people out there who I’m close with who got shafted by the system,” said one student with knowledge of the event.

“The college expended the effort to suspend these students when there are rape cases that have gone unsolved,” said another student. “There are two more weeks until the end of the term so it seems unfair.”

According to school officials, the club was not school sanctioned.

Carleton College is a liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. It has a student population of around 2,000.