Group experiencing homelessness in Minneapolis that was forced to move calls for safe living solution

An encampment of people experiencing homelessness has moved back to the "Wall of Forgotten Natives" where a large encampment was located in 2018. (FOX 9)

One day after a homeless encampment was forced to move, advocates for the group are pleading with the city, county and state to find a safe living situation for them.  

A homeless encampment made up mostly of Native Americans was evicted Wednesday afternoon, but they say they weren’t given a safe place to go. They say the city told those living in tents at East 24th Street. and 13th Avenue South, where the group had been living for months, to vacate.

The group says they weren’t given an alternative and out of desperation, ended up at the former homeless encampment many of them stayed at two years ago. To many it was known as the Hiawatha Camp, but it was known to the community as the Wall of Forgotten Natives.  

“We should demand a meeting just like this with the governor, with the mayor, with the chief of police with everybody the senators, the congressmen, we should demand that all of them come forth today and find out how they can help,” said Clyde Bellecourt of the American Indian Movement.

“I don’t know why we get pushed constantly or threatened or brought to jail for trying just to live somewhere,” said Terysa Dircks, who is experiencing homelessness.

Community leaders have been asking for the city to give them access to the Roof Depot, so they can set up a shelter for Native Americans experiencing homelessness. That has not happened.  

Outreach workers are especially concerned about the welfare of those at the camp as winter approaches.