'Ghost guns' used in Brooklyn Park teen shooting, police say

Brooklyn Park police believe 'ghost guns' were used in the fatal shooting of a teen outside an apartment complex in November. 

Brooklyn Park Police Chief Mark Bruley provided an update Thursday on the status of the investigation into a shooting that left a 17-year-old Syoka Siko dead and another teenager injured on Friday, Nov. 18, after emergency services found two teens with apparent gunshot wounds in a vehicle on the exit ramp of Interstate 94 at 57th Avenue North.

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Preliminary information indicated the shooting initially occurred on the 8400 block of Regent Avenue North. Two 17-year-olds left the apartment and drove to Brooklyn Center, where first responders discovered them.

According to police, a passenger fired from inside the vehicle toward the outside, which resulted in a person inside the vehicle being fatally shot.

Bruley said Thursday investigators believe, "The suspects involved in the shooting ordered parts from multiple different manufacturers, shipped them to their homes under different alias names, performed a milling process and created functional firearms" – a process known as creating "ghost guns" that have no traceable serial numbers.

The guns used were not located in the vehicle, and the suspects went to great lengths to hide them, police say. They were eventually recovered. 

Two juvenile suspects are currently in custody at the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center awaiting charges, while one suspect is still being sought for questioning. 

FOX 9 previously reported on family members who recalled the shooting victim, Syoka Siko, or "SK," as a caring young man that loved shooting hoops.