Garden Guy: Ideas for landscaping in the shade

There are plenty of plants that do not need a lot of sun to grow. 

FOX 9's Garden Guy Dale K has ideas for landscaping in the shade, including plants that will flourish in the shade while adding pops of color. Those plants include impatiens and begonias, which are both annuals.

If you're planting these flowers in containers, a dark-colored pot will really help the blooms pop. Conversely, using bright-colored pots or birdbaths can add a bit of color to shaded areas. 

In addition to flowers, you can plant some vegetables in shady spots. Kale, oregano, mint, beets, spinach and lettuce will grow successfully in shaded areas or on shaded balconies. 

Perennials that do well in the shade include hosta (Dale K goes for the slug-resistant hosta, which often have rippled, leathery leaves), Solomon's seals, brunnera, painted ferns and coral bells. For ground cover, ajuga is a good option.  Hydrangeas are also a plant that enjoys afternoon shade — the annabelle hydrangea does the best in the deepest shade.