Garden Guy: Dale K has your April gardening checklist

Now that it’s April, many Minnesotans are itching to get out in their gardens. Garden Guy Dale K has a checklist of things you can do in your garden this month. 

Pansies are one way you can brighten up your garden outdoors or indoors this time of year, and you can uncover your perennials if you mulched any plants over the winter. 

You can also do some planting, especially plants that don’t have any leaves on them. A bare-root tree (a tree that’s not in a pot) is a great option to plant this time of year. These trees don't have excess soil, meaning less effort on your part because you don't have to dig as big of a hole. 

Asparagus is also wonderful to plant in the early spring. And then right around Easter, seed potatoes can go in the ground.

Now is also a great time to head to your favorite garden shop to stock up on supplies, such as pots that may have cracked after being left outside during winter.