Game of Thrones fans can learn to speak High Valyrian like Daenerys Targaryen with Duolingo

Have you ever wanted to speak like a Targaryen, command dragons like Khaleesi, or pray like a Red Priestess? Game of Thrones lovers now have the chance to learn High Valyrian, the language spoken by the nobility of Essos and Westeros.

The language-learning platform Duolingo is now offering a course in the fictitious language, inspired by the HBO phenomenon that is GOT.

"Valyrian is the ancient language of Essos from the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire. The full language and this course were constructed by linguist David J. Peterson. Spoken by educated Westerosi, and regarded as the language of nobles, poetry and dragons, High Valyrian is here on Duolingo," the course description reads.

The course was instructed by David J. Peterson, a language creator and author who has worked on numerous television shows and films, including HBO’s Game of Thrones. In 2014 he published Living Language Dothraki, the best-selling guide to the Dothraki language from HBO’s Game of Thrones. He’s also been creating languages since 2000. He served as a cofounder and original board member of the Language Creation Society, and served as its president from 2011 to 2014.

The course first launched in July 2017 but was updated with new content and audio in April 2019, alongside the latest season of GOT.

According to the company, over 1 million users have taken the course.

Examples of phrases from the course:

Valar morghulis - All men must die.
Skorverdon zaldrīzoti Daenerys ēza? - How many dragons does Daenerys have?
Varys zaldrīzerme Dovaogēdī majaqsa. - Varys admires the indestructible Unsullied.
Targārien jāhon āegenkon dēmalion majaqsa. - The Targaryen admires his iron throne
Ñuhe averilloma kepe ykynan. - I smell my drunk uncle.

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