Game of peekaboo with Halloween pumpkins reveal furry critters inside

It’s the cutest Halloween-themed game of peekaboo you’ll ever see.

Hand on Exotics, an animal rehabilitation rescue in Toronto, Ontario, posted a charming video of several furry critters inside pumpkins ahead of the spooky holiday on their Instagram account.

“Are you ready for a spooky cuteness overload,” the post reads.

Several pumpkins in varying sizes are seen in the video, with the first revealing a furry rabbit inside. In a second, medium-sized pumpkin, a skunk poked its head out. Then, in another pumpkin, an opossum is revealed and lastly, in a tiny pumpkin was an even tinier hamster.

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According to Hand on Exotics’ website, the organization “specializes in the care of exotic species and educating the public about animals.”

“We provide fun, positive hands-on presentations that help educate the public and dispel myths and fears about animals,” the website reads. “We believe that meeting and interacting with animals up-close in person enhances learning and fosters a great respect for wildlife.”

Storyful contributed to this report.