French bulldogs pose for adorable maternity photo shoot

(Cristal Malek Photography)

A pair of French bulldogs that are expecting a litter of puppies posed for an adorable maternity photo shoot that is melting hearts across the internet.

Pregnant French bulldog Cozette and her partner, Boudreaux, sat for Texas photographer Cristal Malek of Cristal Malek Photography.

Much like traditional human maternity shoots, the Frenchies are seen posing in different positions to celebrate the upcoming additions to their family.


(Cristal Malek Photography)

Some of the fun photos the canines from El Campo, Texas are seen in include sitting behind a 'We're Pregnant' sign, the puppy couple kissing, Cozette reading 'What To Expect When You're Expecting,' and Cozette looking rather majestic as a maroon scarf blows in the wind around her pregnant belly.


(Cristal Malek Photography)

Malek shared the photos to Facebook with the caption, "And they call it puppy love." 


Commenters couldn't get enough of the adorable duo.

"I am dying and in love with this all at the same time! 😂❤️" wrote Megan Jordan.

Tania Delerive said, "Can't wait to see the baby pics!!"

On Tuesday, the pups Instagram page posted photos of the new litter!

One photo shows Cozette snuggling with her three baby girls!

It looks like the photographer followed up with some newborn photos as well!

Congratulations Cozette and Boudreaux!