Free photos for law enforcement families

The targeted killing of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge left many people in shock. But out of tragedy, a Minnesota photographer has found a way to give back. Melissa Fennessy is offering memories in the form of free photos for police families -- something she hopes will serve as a reminder of just how much their service matters.

"The inspiration was that, God forbid should something happen to those families, they have those memories,” Fennessy said.

The free photo shoots started on Tuesday. Three families showed up, including St. Paul Police Officer Glenn Perez, his wife Nicole and 3-year-old-daughter Paisley.

"For her to do something like this on her day off, speaks volumes for the level of gratitude that is out there for us in the law enforcement community,” Perez said.

Whether it was a simple family portrait, a walk over a bridge, or a picture of three good reasons to come home, the photos offered something special..

"For me it's two hours out of my day, a half hour editing at home to give these people a memory that's going to last a lifetime,” Fennessy said.

Fennessy said 15 other law enforcement families have already reached out, and she hopes to take their pictures in the next few weeks. You can find her on Facebook at