Foley, Minn. native loses home in Maui wildfire

Brent Pelzer moved to Maui four-and-a-half years ago to have an adventure in paradise, but now he is living a nightmare.

"Traumatized. We watched the city burn all night and I still can't get those images out of my head," said Pelzer.

Pelzer, his girlfriend Lauren, and their son Oliver left their two-bedroom house on the edge of Lahaina early last week to go to a friend's farm to wait out the storm blowing by Hawaii.

But they soon watched in horror as wildfires tore through their town a mile and a half down the mountain, destroying almost everything in their path, including the home Pelzer remodeled himself and the two blocks surrounding it.

"I dropped to my knees and sobbed. If I'm being honest. That's the only place I've lived on this island in four and a half years. So, you know, I definitely have a connection to it. So yeah, it was tough to see. It was tough," said Pelzer.

Pelzer and his family lost almost all their belongings, along with the equipment from both their businesses, as well as their cat Tiger, who didn't survive.

They've been staying at their friend's farm, but only recently learned they have less than a day to find somewhere else to go.

"Everything changed again today. Last week wasn't enough, so we're still trying to figure out our next move at this point," said Pelzer.

A GoFundMe set up by Pelzer's loved ones in Minnesota has raised about $7,000 of its $10,000 goal.

He says the outpouring of support from his home state has been the lone bright spot in an otherwise difficult time.

"Golly, I sure miss Minnesota nice. It's needed. It's cheering us all up around here, my family as well. A little of that Midwestern courage and resilience that's built through the hard, harsh winters there. That's sure been the lone bright star in our eyes right now," said Pelzer.