Flu hospitalizations on track to beat record in Minnesota

Hospitalizations for the flu in Minnesota are on track to break the state's record set three years ago, according to Minnesota Department of Health officials.

MDH released its weekly flu report on Thursday. While hospitalizations been on the decrease for the past two weeks, the total amount of hospitalizations rose to 3,839. That's the most since the 2014-2015 season when the record was set with 4,138 hospitalizations. Martin says with several months of influenza left, it's very likely that record will be broken.

"I would say it is encouraging that we’re starting to see a decrease in the number of new hospital admissions for influenza, but we are still in the thick of influenza activity of what is turning out to be quite a severe influenza season," said Karen Martin, an epidemiologist with MDH.

Flu outbreaks at schools and long-term care facilities saw a second uptick in outbreaks as the flu continues to be widespread in Minnesota.

For the week ending in Feb. 3, there were 102 new school outbreaks recorded compared to 77 the week before. Outbreaks had been trending downward for a couple weeks before appearing to hit a second wave. So far, there have been 417 total reported school outbreaks. For long-term care facilities, there were 13 new outbreaks compared to 10 the previous week.

So far, there has been one pediatric flu-related death reported this season.

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