Firefighter encourages reading during COVID-19 quarantine

With most kids out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reading might be low on a list of priorities.

One Jerseyville firefighter and father is trying to combat that and encourage more reading despite being in quarantine.

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Tim Harmon recorded video of himself in full firefighter garb alongside his daughter, Ava. Together they read ‘The Wonkey Donkey’ by Craig Smith while sitting next to a fire engine.

Harmon serves Jerseyville in Illinois and the local public library is efforting their “StoryWalk” initiative which brings illustrated children’s books to nearby Wock Lake so children can read and enjoy the outdoors.

The library posted the video to their Facebook page and thanked Harmon for reading the month’s book.

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“The StoryWalk this month is ‘The Wonky Donkey’ and it's a hoot! Here is one of our awesome Jerseyville Firefighters, Tim Harmon, reading the book to his super cute daughter,” the post read. “You can visit Wock Lake to read this book and The Dinkey Donkey too! Thank you Firefighter Tim - great job and LOVE the 'heehaws!'"

Storyful contributed to this story.