Fights break out at Valleyfair during first 'Adult Night'

Numerous fights broke out during Valleyfair’s first ever “Adult Night” Thursday in Shakopee, Minnesota.

On their website, Valleyfair promoted Adult Night as an 18-plus event where people could enjoy “kid free access to select rides", food and craft beer. 

Fights started breaking out shortly after the event began at 7 p.m. Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said he believes there were people that came to the amusement park with the sole purpose of causing trouble.

The fights took place primarily in the parking lot, but some brawls did occur inside the park. Tate said it took until midnight to get the situation under control. Multiple agencies were called to assist Shakopee police, including officers from Savage and Prior Lake and deputies from Scott and Carver counties.

“We tried to disperse crowds as much as we could and escort people off the property,” Tate said. “I’m glad we had the resources we did.”

No one was injured. One person was cited for disorderly conduct.

Police do not know if all the fights were related or how many people were involved.

Tate says police calls to Valleyfair are typically few and far between, given how many people visit the park each season.

Thursday was the first Adult Night held at Valleyfair. The park website lists no additional Adult Nights this season and Tate says the police department will be talking to the park in the coming days about their future plans for 18-plus events.