Father-Son duo run length of Mississippi River to raise awareness for disabilities

When it comes to your daily workout, a New York man is putting all of us to shame.

Shaun Evans is running the length of the Mississippi River this month, all while pushing his son who has cerebral palsy.

The pair stopped at Target Field in Minneapolis on Wednesday after running a marathon from Anoka to the cities.

“It puts it in perspective; it’s all relative,” Evans said. “Today is just a marathon…tomorrow is twice that plus a little.”

Evans and his son began July 1 in Moorhead, Minnesota, and will finish July 29 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The two will follow the river from north to south – 1,700 miles total.

Two years ago, they crossed the country from coast to coast.

“In 2015, we ran across America – 3,200 miles together. That was a dream that was never on my radar, nothing that I had ever even thought about.”

Evans said Shamus inspired him to first run from Seattle to New York.

“Here, this little boy with cerebral palsy who can't walk more than a couple steps with his walker, wanted to run across America, and we did it because his smile pulled us across,” Evans said.

The two are raising awareness for Ainsley's Angels, a charity that promotes getting kids with disabilities out in runs and raises money to donate running wheelchairs.