Fans rush to get now historic Vikings merchandise

If you weren’t on the Vikings band wagon before, you probably are now, and that has people shelling out a little green to get a little purple.

And if you want one of the nice jerseys with Case Keenum’s number on the back, stand in line.

At the Vikings merchandise store, everything purple is out the door, but three names are over the top.

"We got Adam Theilen, breakout wide receiver, number 7 Case Keenum there leading the charge, and then our own Minneapolis Miracle maker Stefon Diggs here. So, a lot of 14's went out Sunday night after the infamous catch and run. It was pretty cool,” said Ryan Poppe, Merchandise Manager at Vikings Locker Room.  

Those are hot-sellers, but the Stefon Diggs reception and Raul Allen's “Miracle” call t-shirts arrived Wednesday.

"We try and capitalize on those calls and those moments where something exciting happens and people want to be a part of this. It's not just a purple t-shirt with a Norseman on it; this is part of history. This is one of the most famous plays in NFL post season history now, and you have a shirt to remember it by," Poppe said.  

Of the fan base, Poppe said there’s a lot of history to be seen.

“There is such a desire to win here. Some teams, they lose that perspective, and it's never lost here."  

Even Stefon Diggs made a shirt: