Fans jeer, cheer and name Jimmy Butler MVP in Wolves home opener

If reports of what Jimmy Butler shouted to the Timberwolves GM in practice this month are true, then it looks like he was right after his spectacular and bizarre return to Target Center Friday night. 

The Wolves bested the Cleveland Cavaliers 131-123 on the back of Butler's 33-point performance. 

Butler made a splash in the last few weeks after demanding a trade from the Timberwolves and then making a splash when he eventually showed up at practice. At one point, he reportedly turned to Wolves GM Scott Layden and said, "You [expletive] need me!"

Friday night, as Butler ran onto the floor, he received both cheers and boos from the Target Center crowd.

As the game began, he received some boos when he touched the ball. Once he started hitting his shots, however, the boos subsided. 

At one point in the first half, the crowd erupted in an "MVP" chant, seemingly calling for the player to be the league's most valuable player.