Family searches for answers a year after shopkeeper's murder

Standing in front of the Kilimanjaro Market his brother opened before he was killed, friends are family are reminded -- Keletigui  Keita, better known as "Papi", was living the American dream.

“It happened to my brother today, it might happen to somebody else tomorrow," says Keletigui's brother Seydou Keita. “It feels like yesterday you know. He was everything to me, my best friend, but I’m still looking for the answer.”

Sekou Sinayoko, AKA Joe  says he and a cousin found his friend and business partner dead in his St Cloud apartment.

According to several search warrants, Papi was naked, with a  with a plastic tie around his wrist, a puncture wound on the right side of his chest. His sliding glass patio door was open, and the movie 50 Shades Of Grey playing on the TV.  

A friend told investigators Papi had shown him a picture from a ad of a woman named Naja Princess.

Joe recalls her calling the night before Papi was killed.

“I was like who's blowing your phone up? He's like, 'oh it's some crazy girl,'” says Joe. “She's involved definitely, not might be, she's involved. She's 100% involved, we just don’t' know where or how far the investigators are into this."

Now a year later, with lingering questions stemming from those search warrants about a missing cell phone, computer, and items found along two Benton County roads apparently belonging to Papi,  loved ones are still waiting for an arrest.

Meanwhile the St Cloud police chief says this continues to be a very active investigation. He cannot share details out of fear of jeopardizing the investigation.   

"A year should be enough to get something done,” says Joe.