Family of victim shocked and dismayed after dismembered man found in Minneapolis

Body parts belonging to Adam Richard Johnson (left) were found in Minneapolis this week. (Supplied)

24 hours after dismembered body parts were identified by authorities, family members are reeling after learning 36-year-old Adam Johnson was murdered.

Behind the gruesome and shocking headlines is a man that JoJo, who requested to be identified as such to protect her privacy and safety, says was a valuable part of her family.

"He would always - no matter what he was doing - he would always try to have fun," said JoJo.

She shared a young son with Adam Johnson, the 36-year-old man police have identified after discovering several severed body parts on Thursday morning in northeast Minneapolis.

Jojo says Johnson was a father of three and had struggled with mental health issues, and recently, homelessness.

She believes his mental health played a role in his numerous run-ins with law enforcement but doesn’t think they had anything to do with his murder.

"When he's not at his greatest, yes, he's gotten in trouble…I don't think his past had anything to do with what happened to him," said JoJo.

Her last communication with him was about a week ago.

"He seemed fine, said ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll talk to you ASAP,’" JoJo said.

Now, she must grapple with the horror of this crime, and is left wondering what happened to her child’s father and why.

"I don’t have words for the person or persons who did this," said JoJo.

Investigation into the murder

Friday police identified the body parts recovered from a Minneapolis neighborhood as belonging to Johnson. Police say the parts were found in two separate spots Thursday morning in St. Anthony West neighborhood, first on the 300 block of Main Street NE and then later more parts were discovered in the area 3rd Avenue NE and University Avenue, not far from the initial scene.

It's unclear what body parts were found, but police say it's clear Johnson did not survive the dismemberment. Officers also say they haven't fully recovered all of Johnson's body. Our crews saw parts of a leg lying out on a lawn at one of the scenes.

The circumstances that led to Johnson's death are still unknown.

The investigation is ongoing and police are asking anyone with tips on the case to call investigators.