Falcon Heights prepares to sever ties with St. Anthony Police

The city of Falcon Heights is weighing its options as the city prepares to sever ties with St. Anthony Police.

Wednesday, city council members heard from Ramsey County Sheriff Jack Serier. Serier presented policing options and detailed the kind of services his office can offer the city.

The city will likely end its partnership with St. Anthony Police, following intense pressure from community members and a move by St. Anthony that would do away with the indemnification clause of their contract—in other words, Falcon Heights would be financially responsible for anything that happens in the city.

Falcon Heights City Council recently authorized putting out feelers for contracted law enforcement, and Serier not only responded but offered to come address their questions or concerns before presenting a proposal.

The Ramsey County Sheriff already contracts with seven communities. However, those cities are contiguous.

“It is a concern of mine to make sure I’ve got proper staffing when I’ve got an area that is not contiguous to our current cities that we’re serving,” said Serier.

The Falcon Heights city council has until July 15 to decide whether they will cut ties with St. Anthony Police.