Fairgrounds full of preparations night before State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair kicks off Thursday, but the evening before the gates officially open, the fairgrounds are already full of activity.

Inside the Coliseum, there are already many competitors. The Horse Show has been underway for a couple of days prior to the State Fair opening to the general public. 

Cows and their 4-H handlers moved into the fairgrounds at the beginning of the week. The cows get a wash and blowdry twice a day so they look their very best. 

“It’s like grooming someone for going out for a night on the town,” said Payton Cech, a 4-H participant.

Meanwhile, the vendors are also getting ready stocking booths with prizes.

There are some changes to look for. After 102 years and five generations of ownership by the Keenan family, the Fair now owns the Ye Old Mill. The oldest attraction on the fairgrounds is getting some updates including a new motor and boats and mechanics along with updating those iconic vignettes. 

“It’s completely chaotic, but it’s an organized crazy,” said Danielle Dullinger, Fair spokesperson. “Everyone knows what they are doing and they are true professionals and it will all be ready to tomorrow.”

The Fair lasts from Aug. 23 through Sept. 3.