Even record lows can't keep Minnesotans inside on Christmas

It may have been the coldest Christmas for more than 20 years here in the Twin Cities, but even wind chills below -20 can't stop Minnesotans from enjoying the outdoors--even on a holiday.

Call it insanity, call it stubbornness, call it what you will: bone-chilling temperatures weren't getting in the way of Eric Gulbrandsen's family tradition of smoking a turkey on the back porch of his Excelsior, Minn., home. He started cooking the bird at 10:00 a.m., wearing plenty of layers to fight off the cold.

"We're Minnesotans, right?" he said, checking on his food. "It doesn't stop you."

We found another couple hiking the trails at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul, completely unfazed by the temperature.

"We're just enjoying the aesthetics of a white Christmas," Goe Challenger said. "[Wearing] lots of layers."

What would it take to keep Minnesotans inside? Nobody quite seems to know.