Elk River couple builds colorful igloo during Minnesota deep freeze

As the thermometer dipped below zero over the weekend, a Minnesota couple used the unpleasant weather to make a "cool" project.

Photos and a video shared to FOX 9 by Tawnya and Brian Heinsohn show an igloo the couple build at their home.

(Tawnya and Brian Heinsohn / FOX 9)

Tawnya, a teacher, was off for winter break and said was looking for a project that didn't involve errands, cleaning, or shopping.Tawnya says she used 60 pans from CostCo, food coloring, lots of gloves, and a five-gallon pail from Home Depot to haul the water for the igloo. The project took about 15 hours over five days to complete.

When asked if she'd made on before, Tawnya told FOX 9: "Nope. Just did it on a whim. Have to enjoy this weather one way or another."

(Tawnya and Brian Heinsohn / Supplied)