Edina, Minnesota family selling 'Thank U' signs to give back to heroes of COVID-19 pandemic

Armed with stress and sidewalk chalk, a family in Edina, Minnesota has found a unique way to recognize the many heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, their idea has exploded into a large effort stretching across hundreds of yards and more than half a dozen states. 

It all started as a colorful way to say thank you on the fence in front of the Lane family home.

“People stop and honk all the time,” says Heather Lane. 

Lane says the artwork and thank you is meant for the heroes within the community, from first responders to those keeping the food supply chain intact. After the sidewalk chalk faded with recent rain, the Lanes made the tribute permanent with paint. 

“I hope everyone remembers the time the grocery clerks and delivery drivers stood side by side with the doctors and the nurses and the janitors and really just kept us safe and fed and protected,” Heather says. 

Now, Heather and her husband have made the artwork into yard signs and a fundraising effort, plus a way to support a local business. 

“It’s really brining everyone together too, and keeps us busy,” says Kristi Johnson from Fast Signs. 

Signs sell for $30 dollars each with $10 dollars from each sale going towards those facing food insecurities. 

Last weekend, the Lanes sold out of their first batch of 200 signs. Friday is round two. A total of 600 signs sold so far, going to eager buyers not only in Minnesota, but in eight other states. 

“We just wanted to give a small donation and to spread happiness and how grateful we are for them,” says Stella, as her parents pick up several signs. 

Heather also included a letter with each sign, encouraging people to support local arts, nonprofits and small businesses. Her goal is to help as many people as possible, adding all of this is proof a sign of thanks goes a long way. 

“I was getting thank you from people before we did the signs, doctors reaching out saying it meant a lot,” says Lane, “If you are out and going to work and interacting with people for a paycheck, that’s what the sign is for.”

To get your own sign, visit thethankustore.com