Edgerton corn maze welcomes autumn & P.J. Fleck

Courtesy of Gordon Spronk twitter account.

Edgerton, Minnesota, is celebrating the beginning of autumn and Gopher football in all the right ways.

Each year, Seth and Randy Spronk engineer an elaborate corn maze for the Rock River Pumpkin Festival at the end of September. This year, they gave a shout-out to the start of the Gopher football season, with an illustration of Goldy Gopher and to coach P.J. Fleck's leadership.

Participants in the maze will wind their way through Goldy's features, and even through the newest gopher anthem, "ROW THE BOAT," carved into the field.

All funds from the maze go to a local school charity.

This is the sixth year of having a corn maze as a part of the festival, and it can be reached via scenic hay rides.

Everyone is welcome to navigate the maze during the festival on Saturday, Sept. 30. The events for the day can be found on their website.